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How it works...

Neurofeedback is a special type of biofeedback that uses computerized feedback to help your brain to function more effectively


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It's like working out

Neurofeedback treatment is a bit like a gym workout. You will start out with two sessions each week (for an hour in length) for a month or so, and then reduce this to weekly sessions for a month or so, and then gradually reduce the treatment frequency. 

Unlike the gym workout though, results may be permanent. It is a big commitment of time and effort. You are strengthening your brain and becoming an active participant in your treatment. 

Once your brain learns a new way of functioning, it is "motivated" to not go back to its old ways. Those clients who experience the most success are the ones who have the time and motivation to commit to the treatment., and who keep track of their symptoms between sessions.

Additional Resources

Check out for more on how it works.

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